Neo-Nazi attacks in Malmo, Sweden

Saw this posted by Supras Malmo last night:

All our thoughts and all our love today go out to our friend Showan and others, as tonight was stabbed by nazis. Showan is currently sedated in hospital. Showan is one of most active figures and has contributed greatly to building the fan & ultras that currently exist around the MFF.

Our gallery is a place for the community and where everyone with a sky blue heart are welcome. We will never accept racism and Nazism on our platform or in our city. We encourage everyone to give their thoughts to Showan and his family. All love to you Showan

The story seems to be that members of the Svenskarnas Parti were attacking folk who’d been attending a demonstration against violence against women on the night of International Woman’s Day. There’s an article about this particular incident and other attacks involving the Svenskarnas Parti  (who stand for parliamentary elections in September) here that is worth a read.

There is an antifascist demo on in Malmo now apparently wae the team, club and ultras present.

malmos antifa demo

Thoughts & prayers are wae the victims of these attacks and respect & solidarity to those at the demo today. No pasaran!


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