Green Brigade Anti Discrimination Tourney & Food Drive

This weekend (Saturday 14th June) is the Green Brigade’s annual Anti-Discrimination Tournament at Glenconner Park in the Garngad. Kick off is noon and there’ll be a foodbank collection at it. Between April 2013 and March 2014, a reported 71,428 people had to rely on emergency food packages from foodbanks in Scotland. Celtic was founded as a charity to feed the hungry and destitute of Glasgow and the Green Brigade are helping keep that spirit alive today. For an idea about what to bring click here.

Fae the group:

As passionate Celtic fans it should come as no surprise that the Green Brigade share the exact same goodwill and charitable ethos which brought the formation of our club. As a beacon of hope to a starving and oppressed immigrant population Celtic would go on to become one of the greatest underdog stories ever told: becoming an everlasting and formidable symbol of not only hope and triumph but of tolerance, integration and of charity.

In this spirit, the Green Brigade would like to invite all Celtic fans, and those of the Glasgow community, to join us on Saturday 14th June for our 6th Annual Anti-discrimination Football Tournament at Glenconner Park, Garngard. A staple of our season, the tournament is like no other around in providing a platform bringing together various ethnic and minority groups who make up the Glasgow community. Using football to break barriers we aim to promote tolerance and engage with each other groups whose paths may not normally cross. As always, a free barbeque will be provided as you are treated to football from the classy to the calamitous.

In December last year the Green Brigade organised a Christmas Food Drive which exceeded all expectation. Together with the help and generosity of the Celtic support an unbelievable 5,746.75kg (5.75 tonnes) of food was collected and distributed to the impoverished people of Glasgow’s East end and beyond – the single largest collection seen in this country. We were also given a total of £465.45 to pass on to the Glasgow North East Food Bank. This humbling and inspiring generosity encapsulated what Celtic means to so many of us. With this success in mind, we will couple this year’s tournament with another food collection. Confident that the Celtic support will once again prove its unrivalled commitment to charity we will be collecting on site for the duration of the tournament.

We hope to see as many as possible turn out in Glasgow’s Garngad on the 14th and essentially celebrate, promote and practice all that is great about Celtic.


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