Two More Reasons To Hate the Commonwealth Games

A Guest Post fae lisbonlion’s uncle

*The Glasgow Barbell Club and the rugby team Glasgow Warriors are getting punted out of the Glasgow Warriors Gym at Scotstoun Stadium for the duration of the Commonwealth Games so that the building can be used as a media centre. Yes, a media centre. The Glasgow Barbell Club is a powerlifting, strongman and Olympic weightlifting club home to Scottish lifters competing at a national, British, European and International level. The Glasgow Warriors… well rugby is rugby. The point is that these two longstanding Glaswegian competitive sports clubs are being callously relocated in the name of sport, progress and ‘what’s best for Glasgow’.

* A recent Celtic Underground podcast outlined how, even if Celtic Park was not being used in a Commonwealth capacity on the actual date of our Champions League qualifiers, its usage as a Commonwealth Stadium depends on a sort of ‘no compete’ clause whereby no major sporting events can take place in the city alongside the Commonwealth Games. So even if Parkhead isn’t being used we will be relocated to Murrayfield. Again this is in the name of sport, progress and ‘what’s best for us’. It also came out recently that only half of the seats in Parkhead would be used for the Commonwealth opening ceremony. They canny even fill it!



One response to “Two More Reasons To Hate the Commonwealth Games

  1. My daily routine of cadging free games of football at my local sports centre has been spoiled by some Commonwealth games bullshit . They’ve taken a heavily-used pitch out of commission for the whole summer for some media instalation that’ll be in use for 10 days. They talk about encouraging people to play sport; having a full-size pitch out of use for 3 months in the summer will have prevented thousands of people playing.

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